Who’s the teacher?

Our society discriminates between adults and children, where adults “count more” – if you’d forgive my bluntness – than children. Children are both expected, as well as forced, to do whatever they’re told to do, and they have little choice on the matter. This goes not only with parents, but school and the entire so-called “legal” as well as “enforcement” systems.

Children are expected to fit a mold and become a cogwheel, supposedly in the service of society, but in reality in the service of those in power.

Adults are expected to teach the children what’s right and what’s wrong, but what adults end up teaching is what we’re all allowed to do and what not. Often, this has little to do with what’s morally right and morally wrong.

But children, and especially the very young ones, see and understand more about this world than most adults can possibly imagine. Their understanding is not fogged up by years of brain washing and programming. A small vocabulary guarantees that their perceptions are not limited by concepts and words that are the creation of many millennia of forced programming. They understand body language, facial expressions, voice expression, as well as other input that belongs in the so-called “sixth sense” realm.

Not only do we have very little of value to teach them; they have such powerful understanding, that they can teach us how to change this world in the most amazing ways.

At this point in time, where our world is being driven by insane psychopaths into complete annihilation, children have some answers. All we have to do is to ask and they will tell us. As long as we can put aside our ego and overcome a deep seated tendency to regard children as inferior; when we find the capacity to realize that they may actually know more than we do; then we can ask questions with integrity and respect.

It’s important to realize that being unable to understand their answers, doesn’t indicate their lack of knowledge, but rather our own inability to understand what’s behind their words. We should not expect to understand their answers immediately. It may take some time and pondering on our part, before the beauty of truth begins to shine at us. So long as we are careful not to dismiss the answers given, simply because those are not available for our own understanding and recognition right away.

We, the adults, with all of our grandeur, are incapable of stopping the insanity that’s destroying us faster than ever. Perhaps it’s time to admit – before it’s too late – that something very profound needs to change in our way of seeing and understanding, if there is anything to be left.

When children are the ones coming to us with questions, it may be good for everyone if the children are encouraged to come up with an answer to their own question. There’s so much that we can learn simply by observing the process of a child’s attempt to find an answer.

Please don’t misunderstand this to say that a child should be rejected. They should be encouraged to find an answer on their own, and be given plenty of time for this purpose. Eventually, however, we should give them what we feel is the right answer, but also add, that this is what we think to be the right answer and that perhaps there’s a better answer. And that perhaps there are several answers, all of which are correct.

Perhaps the most important thing is to listen to their descriptions of their dreams. Children’s dreams are the access to knowledge that is direct, unhindered and uncensored. To some, this could qualify as prophecy. We should overcome the urge to put words in their mouths as they may struggle to describe their dreams to us. We do not know what their dreams were and we do not have the tools to help them through the struggle of description. It takes humility on our part to control ourselves and our urge to “help”.

It’s perfectly OK to not understand what they are saying. Regardless, it would be of value to write down these dream descriptions, and read them occasionally. Things that may not make sense at first, may come to life in a very powerful way later on. It’s important to understand that young children – who are not yet “taught” to distinguish between the so-called Real and the so-called Unreal – know the truth much better than we do. In reality, the truth is that everything is Real. Most of us adults, are incapable of seeing the whole; the truth.

We have entered a new epoch. The rules have changed, and are continuing to change during each person’s own lifetime. The teachers of old, are now students, hungry for knowledge. The only way in which this hunger can be satiated, is by recognizing our new teachers, and learn.
Our teachers are kind, patient and loving.

Oded Ben-Ami

Oded Ben-Ami is a mystic, Chi-Gong teacher, mentor, writer, and musician. He dedicates his time to the exploration of the non-physical realm, its effect on our physical world and the means by which it can be affected by the mind

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