The Ant

There’s an ant running around. It’s busy doing its thing: collecting food, building its habitat and caring for the younger generation.

Unbeknownst to the ant, its own busyness happens in a place where two giants are wrestling. The ant has no knowledge of what a giant is and has no awareness of the wrestling that is going on. It also has no awareness of the simple fact that if one of these giants places their foot over it, that may well be its end. It notices shadows passing, breeze and sounds, but to the ant this is simply a part of nature; the way the world is.

The giants on their part, are busy fighting each other. They are busy working out a tactic to defeat the other, busy using their force in battle and are cautious of deceptive maneuvers that could result in defeat.

They have no awareness of an ant running around them and between them, nor of harming an innocent creature. Due to the size difference between the giants and the ant, and due to their being occupied and focused on their respective activities, there’s mutual unawareness between the parties.

At any given moment, one of the giants could step over the ant and crush it, and yet they are not trying to do that. And at any given moment, the ant could head in a direction that would place it directly underneath a giant’s foot, and yet it makes no attempt to do that.

The life of the ant is an uncertainty at every unfolding moment. It could be crushed before the end of this sentence, or it may live to a ripe old age and its death will be unrelated to the giants.

Whatever we choose to call it – God, higher powers, statistics, luck, etc’, when referring to the final outcome – it will be THAT which would dictate the final outcome.

Just an interesting visual description and nothing more, until we realize the following:
We are the Ant!

Oded Ben-Ami

Oded Ben-Ami is a mystic, Chi-Gong teacher, mentor, writer, and musician. He dedicates his time to the exploration of the non-physical realm, its effect on our physical world and the means by which it can be affected by the mind

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