Feb 012017

Acceleration! We can feel it.
Not only the elderly and the adult – kids are feeling it as well.
The rate in which everything changes, is accelerating. Just like in a whirlpool, getting closer to the center faster and faster.

There seems to be a constant stream of bad news wherever we look. News, speculations, fear mongering, threats and the likes. It seems as if this stream too, is accelerating. Reactions in the form of confusion, anger, fear, panic, depression, hope, caution and the like, are so natural in the reality in which we live, and they often go in cycles of confusion changing into anger, changing into depression, changing into hope, in this order or any other.

Our need for security, stability and comfort has been continuously and increasingly challenged for many years now. And yet now it feels different – as if everything has moved up to a higher gear.
Of course we are free to act, each one according to our individual capabilities and available resources, and at the same time there’s a powerful nagging feeling that the real picture is much bigger than this. Which means that even when we succeed in righting a wrong, the number of wrongs as well as their degree seems to multiply. One can easily become ironic, feeling that for every wrong that they have righted, five more wrongs appeared, perhaps even (and strangely so due to) using their power to act. This is of course debatable but unimportant as it can be neither proved nor disproved.

Of course, some of us have much more power than others. Just like leaves on a tree in the fall, a mild wind will tear-off some of the leaves but not others. A strong enough gust will tear-off every single leaf, perhaps even the entire tree.

To me, this reality that we are part of, is trying to teach us something. It may be that there’s a different lesson meant for different individuals. I personally hear a calm voice saying: “Do not resist“. It’s tone is knowing and loving. It doesn’t say that I will not be adversely affected in the unfolding of the coming torrent of events, but it suggests that the more I will resist, the more I will be suffering.

I know that my own life is going to change. And in accordance with this ongoing acceleration, these changes could become more and more extreme. Yet, at the same time I feel as if we are in the process of shifting from a reality that we are familiar with, to a new reality which we do not know and don’t even have the capability to imagine. It feels like being in a narrow tunnel, being pushed through it by some great invisible force. It is frightening and uncomfortable. There’s no way to know how long it will last and it may well be that some of us may not survive this transition. But it is leading us into a new reality.
I’m not a prophet, and I cannot prove anything, but this understanding is somehow given to me and I’m sharing it.

Those of us who are fully entrenched in the physical three-dimensional reality, are likely to be affected the most by what’s happening, and worse, by their own speculations on what is coming next. Please remember – our ideas and thoughts about what’s happening are incapable of knowing the truth. Everything that we know, and everything that we are capable of speculating, is based on a reality that has passed. Also, being able to see one single tree, can easily be made into a conclusion that the world is a forrest. Being able to get our information from the media, can easily become a conclusion that the world is going towards self destruction. There’s much that we cannot see and what we CAN see may be insignificant in its scope compared with the true magnitude of our reality.

We are each here for a reason. Perhaps the reason is to win, or to lose, or to experience, or to observe, or to learn. But it may be very different from what we BELIEVE that it is. I find great solace in accepting my own insignificance. In moments of sudden clarity, a voice says to me, amused: “You are taking yourself too seriously”. And then I see it and become amused myself. Every time that my mind becomes set in a new picture of what reality is, I lose my inner peace, forgetting that reality is NOT that. I am blessed to receive these ongoing reminders. They are very humbling and soothing.

One thing that I can put my finger on, as something concrete that helped me get to “that special place”, is the practice of Qigong, which I began ten years ago and realized it was saving me. On the outside it looks too benign to completely change a person’s life in a most profound way, but perhaps that is its special power. It is said that the best kept secrets lie out in the open. Qigong is my anchor, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and for good health. That’s why I have not skipped a single day of Qigong practice in the past ten years. It’s precious.

I will be giving a four-class Qigong workshop at the Schenectady Jewish Community Center. Here’s a link with all the information for anyone wishing to participate.

For closing words, please consider the following:
1) The mainstream media serves as a tool in the hands of the powers that are in control.

2) It’s obvious that the news are mostly bad, upsetting and elicit anxiety and fear.

3) It’s also obvious – if one stops to think clearly for a moment – that most of what’s actually happening is being filtered out, because it’s impossible and further – improbable – that what’s actually happening is what’s portrayed by the media.

The point that I wish to make is that the masses (that’s you and I) can only be kept under control via the use of fear. Once the masses have no fear from the powers in control, there’s loss of control. The media is a tool to keep the masses in fear (under the guise of both entertainment and education).
It may be better for our own wellbeing, to unplug and live life with much less fear and anxiety. If something’s going to hit us, it will. Of that I’m sure.

The wonderful Mark Twain said:
“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.
If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”

Be well.
Have fun.
Know peace.

~ Oded

May 162015

Even though I have been practicing and teaching Qigong since 2007, whenever I think that I know a thing or two about Qigong, I am humbled yet again. After all, what’s the big deal about Qigong? On the outside it looks just like a bunch a slow movements of one kind or another, sometimes accompanied by vocalization. What can it possibly do?
And yet each time I’m being amazed to discover how it takes on a life of its own, expanding infinitely, just like the universe.

I began practicing Qigong when I was in severe physical pain and my life was falling apart on all fronts. I had no expectations from Qigong to give me anything and at the same time, I had nothing to lose by giving it a try – I was desperate. From the first pain relief that I experienced after only three weeks of practice, I knew that there must be much more to Qigong than what my analytical mind could figure out. It was not just pain relief; An entire new outlook on life was emerging, seemingly out of nowhere, one which has allowed me to view the world as a welcoming open door, as opposed to the menace which I have previously regarded it. It has also allowed me to experience life as a wonderful moment-by-moment-opportunity, as opposed to an uphill battle – which is the way by which I have mostly lived my life up to that point.

I thought that by age 40 I knew what the world and what life were all about and that was very arrogant of me, but of course I couldn’t see it back then. Every time that I practice Qigong, no matter what the circumstances of the moment may be, the serenity, inner peace and relief that follow, never cease to amaze me with their power and depth. It’s as if the practice allows me to open my eyes and to realize a new layer that is part of my life’s reality, one which I was previously unable to see. And with such an added understanding, the problems and difficulties that I may have experienced prior to the practice, lose much of their power over me. Fear and doubt lose their firm hold and I become free.

Before I started teaching Qigong, I realized that I was a little selfish to benefit from Qigong and at the same time keep it all to myself. Since then, I have been teaching at the American Cancer Society, several senior centers and private classes. As long as I continue to receive the feedback of amazement from people who discover Qigong’s ever-expanding depth, I will continue to teach.

If you are interested in discovering the secrets of this 5,000 year old energy practice, I invite you to join one of my classes. For more information click