Jan 072015

How amazing is this; “I”!
Most people never get to think about it, so here it is:
From a purely statistical/probability perspective, how unlikely it is for me to BE – that is – through birth. It would have been more likely that I would have not come to be born in the first place. The very fact that “I AM”, the very fact that I can say “I” and that there is in fact an “I”, is to me totally amazing. An opportunity that is unparalleled by anything.

The vast majority of us are busy with the nuts and bolts of daily life, too busy perhaps to think “fluffy” spiritual thoughts as this one. But without an “I” in existence, there would be nothing else. There would not be any entity to be doing the doing, to be doing the living, whether it is smiling, complaining, hurting, working, talking, thinking, feeling or zoning out.
Being, is the greatest gift possible.