Jan 072015

Whatever choice we make in life, serves as an exclusion of everything else. Every single moment is a crossroad. By choosing a path, we cannot simultaneously walk any of the other paths.

That’s tremendous power that we have, if one is to consider the option – which again – is also within our power.
The option is choosing not to choose. By making this choice, we become observers, basking in infinite potential: anything is possible – any road can be taken at any given time, yet is left untreaded.
This too has tremendous beauty and power, although of a very different kind.

Further practicing our freedom to choose, we can alternate between times when we choose to take action (via thought, word or deed) thereby treading a particular path, and other times when we choose to “zoom out”, separate ourselves from the “equation” and simply realize the unmanifested potential of being able to choose at any point.