Seeing through the illusion of Stability and Security

A job, a house, a family, faith, a steady relationship, knowledge, a field of specialty . . .   these and many others serve as our measuring stick for what we call “security” or “stability”.
Many of us regard the words “security” and “stability” in the particular context of “something that is good, beneficial, preferable, desirable and which should be sought and pursued”.

This view ignores one very important thing: Reality and the Truth. The Truth is that a job, family and all the others, are temporary. We have some of them some of the time, and then they are gone. At the same time, we use our labels of “stability” and “security” in an attempt to find everlasting happiness. We confuse our own labels of “stability” and “security” which are impermanent, with happiness which we’d like to experience constantly. We confuse happiness, which can only come from within, with a long list of items that come from the outside: a job, relationships, occupation etc’.

All on our own, we create this powerful illusion and perpetuate it day after day, year after year, one thought at a time – constantly.

The Truth is this;
There’s nothing wrong with having money.
There’s also nothing wrong with not having money.
Happiness has nothing to do with either.
There’s nothing wrong with having a relationship.
There’s nothing wrong with not having a relationship.
Happiness has nothing to do with either.

Happiness has nothing to do with anything. It is a natural product of inner peace. It is our natural state of being (prior to our own interfering) and does not depend on any circumstances – not even health. We use our thoughts, ideas, words, emotions and habits to create an illusion of reality, which we then believe. These thoughts, words, emotions, habits and ideas are akin to throwing pebbles into a still lake, disturbing its surface – without realizing that we do – and then waiting for this lake to become still. Only when we stop, can we finally see through our own self-created illusion / self-deception, and realize that we don’t need anything in order to become happy right now, regardless of whatever the circumstances may be. Not because “it could be worse”, but because everything simply IS, beyond good and bad, seeking and rejecting, and whatever other labels we attach to life and the world. As long as we don’t experience inner peace, the illusion still exists.

When we have a job we could lose it, we could lose our house in a fire or storm, we could lose a loved one and we could lose our health or body parts. All the things that we regard as secure and stable are an illusion. Just like a statue made of salt that would melt with the next rain.

And somewhere deep inside we know that all these things are perishable. This is why we are anxious – we struggle to keep this false stability in place, knowing very well that destruction could be waiting just around the corner. We create contradiction inside of ourselves and perpetuate it. It takes tremendous amounts of energy to live in self deception moment by moment for one’s entire life, and we can only stop once we begin to see through our own self-created, self perpetuated illusion.

Unhappiness, anxiety, bitterness, anger, confusion, disappointment, shame, cynicism, doubt, blame – these and many more are a wonderful indication that we live and believe the illusion. When there’s no illusion, all that there is left, is peace. Happiness is a natural byproduct of peace.

Oded Ben-Ami

Oded Ben-Ami is a mystic, Chi-Gong teacher, mentor, writer, and musician. He dedicates his time to the exploration of the non-physical realm, its effect on our physical world and the means by which it can be affected by the mind

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  1. Trusting the God within and nothing else, letting go of all the conditioning that has occurred throughout our entire lives, past and present There is so much external noise that is based in fear, the strength to let that all go and see it for what it is comes from the internal connection to the Source of All That Is. The power is in where we put our focus, internally or externally.


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