Failing to recognize being wrong

How easy it is to think in simplistic terms of gain and loss. We are primed to do so through the very fabric of our society with its power driven mentality.
How easy it is to think that what I have is the result of a combination of recognizing my talents, applying my will and willing to work hard.

When we do think this way, we completely forget something: it’s possible to have talent and not being able to recognize it, and it is possible to understand that we need to apply will to achieve things, yet be unable to do so.

Anyone who has ever experienced being depressed (whether it has been noted down on a piece of paper as a diagnosis or not), knows what the previous paragraph viscerally feels like. And it doesn’t even have to be depression, it can be so many other things.

I believe that the point that many of us fail to grasp is this: We have a job because we are allowed to. We have a family because we are allowed to. We are happy because we are allowed to. We have good health because we are allowed to.
Some call it Luck, some call it God, some call it nothing at all. It makes no difference. What we call it, is unimportant and even misleading, confusing and complicating.

These are times of upheaval and turmoil. The earth is shaking underneath our feet, without regard to whether we are rich or poor, healthy or sick, young or old, men or women, educated or uneducated. Fear is palpable and much of it is centered around the fear of loss. Loss of money, loss of power, loss of control, loss of hope. Suddenly, recognizing our talents, applying our will and willing to work hard, doesn’t seem to have much significance at a time when there seem to be much disregard to all of that. What for the longest time seemed to have been a straight forward logic, backed by positive experience, is losing its truthfulness. And many of us still don’t realize that in reality, it was never true in the first place.

Another pitfall to many of us is that we truly believe that gaining and succeeding is good, while losing is bad. And we fail once again to recognize something: We are being allowed to lose. You may think I’m crazy, but here’s how I see it:
Looking at life and the world in terms of good and bad, gain and loss and ultimately black and white, causes us to live life that’s never balanced or in resonance with reality. That’s because we keep seeking the good and avoiding the bad. As if the bad (or at least that’s how we chose to name it) is not a part of the world, or of life. But our life is the result of allowing. We are being allowed to win and we are being allowed to lose. Winning is not good and losing is not bad. We can actually win and suffer or lose and be at piece. Our concepts of good and bad hurt us. They have always hurt us, but perhaps it takes times such as these to begin to recognize it.
We are allowed to lose so that we can learn, just like we are allowed to win so that we can learn. The lessons that we gain from winning cannot teach us other lessons, which are just as important and powerful, and which could be learned from losing. Lessons that can be gained by being sick or disabled, cannot be gained by being in perfect health. Lessons that can be learned through fear, cannot be learned from complacency. And in case you missed the point; When we see life and when we see the world in terms of allowing – then suddenly the duality disappears and there’s unity. No more good and bad, no more right and wrong, no more happy and sad, no more black and white. There’s only IS-NESS. No longer do we need to be afraid of the bad. No longer do we need to live in apprehension, avoiding the bad. We discover an inner stillness, that is in peace with reality. The same reality that we thought we had always known, just to be allowed to learn a new lesson:
we were wrong.

Oded Ben-Ami

Oded Ben-Ami is a mystic, Chi-Gong teacher, mentor, writer, and musician. He dedicates his time to the exploration of the non-physical realm, its effect on our physical world and the means by which it can be affected by the mind

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