Self Portrait

Break free from the insanity and drama of daily life.
See the hamster wheel you’ve been spinning for so long and step down.

Discover the true meaning of freedom.
Learn how to emerge beyond daily suffering and struggle, and to experience life as continuous peace, beyond circumstances, beyond good and bad, seeking and rejecting, having and not having, health and sickness, pleasure and pain.

I refer to my teachings as “Practical Spirituality”. Teachings that bring out the (usually unseen) spiritual aspect, which is an integral part of everything worldly. These teachings allow us to discover infinite depth in the mundane and realize that it is our own seeking which takes us away from that which we hope to find.

The talks that I give, the classes that I teach and the articles that I write, all point to the way of harmony, peace and liberation – a tool that will serve you, your relationships, your business or job, your health, happiness and every aspect of your life.

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